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Keep your Repls online.

The 🥇 pinger for non-critical repls.

With backup and reliability servers, your repls have a tough time going down.

You can also run this in the shell,
or simply comment "@gdaybot keep alive" on your Repl.

Before you go 24/7

Sometimes, Replit doesn't persist files.
This means that occasionally when you add your app,
it will stop being pinged after a few hours.

If this happens to you, try again for a bit or use
these other pingers.

If the project you are uptiming is created for violating Replit or another site's ToS,
I highly encourage you to not use this and to delete the Repl.
Hundreds have been purged from our system and suspicious Repls may be reported to Replit moderators.

Thanks for 1000+ Repls! Thanks for making up.coding398.dev become amazing!


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